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The developer Naughty Dog is all set to release The Last of Us Part II on 19 th June for the PS4 platform. In this guide about to show how to get The Last of Us Part 2 Free Download by using a PS4 redeem code. While we know that coming up with a sequel of an already successful and hugely appreciate game is no easy stuff to pull off. The upcoming iteration of The Last of Us seems to have been able to achieve that effortlessly. This follow-up progresses further from what was already a well-told story line and perfected it.

Although The Last of Us Part II did justice with the first part as it expanded the original story without stretching it too far. Some of the fans, who were hoping to experience the more of what they liked in the previous version, may not love it. Ellie and Joel moved on and started newly in Jackson. However, The Last of Us 2 shows that you can’t forget the past so easily.

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It’s indeed a dark plot in The Last of Us Part II, but the game doesn’t let the player feel too edgy at any point. There will be plenty of turns and twists that you won’t be able to anticipate earlier. And these little surprises are what make the game’s narrative polish and emotionally intense. That being said, The Last of Us Part II will never let you forget that you’re playing a revenge game.

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The storyline: Plenty of dark emotional twist with sufficient hint from the first game

The original Last of Us was praised for how it took the players for a ride with the gut-wrenching emotional roller coaster. And with this sequel, Naughty Dog found a way to expand on that further. In short, The Last of Us 2 is even more intense in terms of leaving you to feel emotionally distressed.

If you’re one of those who played the first title, you already a fan of Ellie. And you would be happy to explore more of her in this upcoming version, too. However, this is not a pleasant story. If you’re a fan, you probably expect that to some extent. Also, Sony made it clear that it will be a journey seeking vengeance. But here the game takes one through many dark twists that the player hardly expects, forcing them to leave their comfort zone during play.

We can’t tell you how many times we got astounded with our mouth wide opened by seeing where the story was taking us to. Moreover, Ellie is quite different in this version, which is again a great thing. Surely it’s the same Ellie, but here she is more mature, in age and attitude both. And she has come a long way from being a stubborn kid to look like a worn-out person. Who has endured a lot.


At the beginning, you can get a The Last of Us Part 2 DLC Code and download the full game in to your PS4 game. Now, don’t get me wrong, Ellie is the same who knows no fear and probably more brutal. But she doesn’t carry that hope we saw in the original. Perhaps it’s due to the failed mission of the first title that took that optimism from her away. There she was in her quest to get a cure, and in this version. She is living in a world, which is already in a post-apocalyptic state.