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Disintegration is unlike any other game on the market, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Once it lays a solid foundation for its gameplay, its full potential is never quite reached. Therefor we will talk about how to get Disintegration Redeem Code to Download the game Free. You can download this Disintegration Free in to your Xbox One, PS4 and PC game. And its best component, the multiplayer, at the time of review, is nowhere to be found.

Nevertheless, there are certainly some things to really admire about this debut game from the small team at v1 interactive. Which is set to launch on 16 th June for Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. In this brief piece, we will explain its fantastic storyline, exciting gameplay, and a few other things you need to know before you purchase the game. So, without further ado, let’s get starts with our review of Disintegration.

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Disintegration is a first-person shooter and real-time strategy game rolled  into one. It has the Gravcycle, a hovercraft that lets the player move around the world. The player is equippe with weaponry on the vehicle. But also has a squad they can command in real-time to interact with objects and provide additional firepower. In the game’s campaign, this Gravcycle operator is Romer Shoal, a once human that has integrate the procedure of having his mind transplant into a robot body. In a previous life, he was a famous Gravcycle pilot and a host of a TV show revolving around the vehicles.

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The machines were eventually outlaw; however, Romer began to smuggle them, which led to his arrest and imprisonment on a jail in the sky known as “Iron cloud.” At the start of the game, he and a group of integrated escaped the clutches of Rayonne. They are discovere by Waggoner, a natural someone that hasn’t undergone integration. He leads a team of outlaws that Romer and the other escapees joined to face off against the Rayonne and their leader, Black Shuck. By the time you can get the Disintegration DLC Code to download the full game.


When moving through the world, you are exclusively lock to your Gravcycle. Except for between missions when you are either station at the team’s home base or an established outpost. What’s great about the game is the Gravcycle is really fun to operate. And it’s clear that this is the gameplay the developers pour most of their time and attention into. Moving the Gravcycle is smooth with a satisfying boost button allowing you to outmaneuver enemies. One just needs to be careful that they don’t run off an edge as the Gravcycle merely hovers and does not fly. Unfortunately, the weakest aspect of the vehicle is the shooting. Having the added dimensions of moving up and down means that your aim as a player requires more precision than your regular FPS. So it’s disappointing that the simple act of aiming isn’t as smooth as maneuvering the Gravcycle.

On top of that, the hovercraft is outfits with some pretty bland weaponry. As one progresses through the campaign, they discover and can operate different Gravcycle. All of which are equippe with classic assault rifles, shotguns, etc. The secondary tool is usually reserve for a method of healing the player or their team, which is vital, but it means that shooting variety at a level is limit and gets old quickly.