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Desperados 3 is going to come out on June 16th for the PS4, Xbox One, and Steam PC and will be going for USD 49.99. But in this article we will show you how to get Desperados 3 Free Download Redeem Code for Xbox One, PS4 and PC game. Desperados 3 can be described as a hardcore strategic game driven by a rich storyline set in a brutal wild west plot. Is this game worth playing is or buying? We will be discussing the story, gameplay, and other noteworthy things we feel needs to be mentioned so that you can decide if this is right for you. So, let’s get started.

Mimimi Games developed desperados 3, and the publisher is THQ Nordic. We had high expectations for this game, and it surpassed that tenfold. This is a perfect game for those who enjoy really thought-out level designs and freedom of choice to execute plans. Let’s begin with the story first.

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You start the game playing as a young Cooper, and you are training under your father, who is a very high-level vigilante. After a pretty in-depth tutorial, it fades out and cuts to present-day Cooper. Now an adult, you thrust into current events playing and following Cooper as he searches for his old friends and enemies, all while getting into lots of trouble. Those who have never heard of Desperado 3 or played previous versions before, and want a quick review, this is essentially an isometric hitman where you control multiple party members with different skills and complete missions. So let’s dive deep into the gameplay.

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Gameplay and action:

It is a stealth game as well as a fast-paced action game. It’s real-time, but you can pause and plan out your moves accordingly. There’s a lot of different play styles that work out definitely, and it’s easy to feel overwhelming at first with the freedom of actions and options available to you. Each character has their own set of skills and specialties that make them stand out for one another. Let’s start with the basics. Characters can run and use their quick movement to get out of the line of sight and quickly approach to enemies.

Enemies have a visual line of sight cone that is, at times, solid green and striped green. If you step into the solid green, they see you no matter what. However, if it’s stripe, you can crouch, walk to hide and move past half-height covers without any problem. You can even hide in bushes and haystacks to be hidden entirely from enemy detection. But you still have to be aware of noise as you make via environmental sounds and actions like gunfire. As we mention above get a Desperados 3 DLC Code and download the game.


Each character also has their own unique skills that allow them to manipulate enemy AI. There’s a whistle action that alerts enemies to your position, and one of our favorites is stealing a disguise to allow the player to walk in enemy territory without issues. Alongside AI manipulation skills, you have offensive skills that knock out and can kill enemies. One of the more effective ways to take out a target but is the riskiest is through gunfire. Characters have different types of guns in Desperados III. There are dual pistols that can take out one or two targets at once, a shotgun that blasts in a wide cone. And a sniper that kills from a very long range. You can shoot your way through some situations. but you have to be wary of running out of bullets and drawing unwanted attention.